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Faszination Winnberg 2005-2007 - 3 Jahre Sammeln in Sengenthal
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Pleurotomariidae 1

64 pages, Over 200 colour pictures

A pictorial about my fossil & shell collection with a bit of general information on recent and fossil slit shells.

Ein Bilderbuch über meine Fossilien und rezente Pleurotomariensammlung mit allgemeinen Informationen zu Schlitzbandschnecken.

Language: English/German

Pleurotomariidae 2

64 pages, Around 300 single drawings in black&white as well as a few colour pictures.

A partly reprint of / Ein Teil-Reprint von -  "A Monograph of the British Jurassic Gasteropoda", Pages 391-444, plates XXXIII-XL by W.H.Hudleston, 1895; Including short comparisons to d'Orbigny's and Deslongchamps' determinations on Pleurotomariidae.

Language: English
Pleurotomariidae 3

  100 pages, Over 200 b&w drawings as well as about 70 colour pictures.

A rearrangement of "Memoire sur les Pleurotomaires des Terrains Secondaires du Calvados" by J.A. Deslongchamps, 1849. Included are some reference pictures of recently collected fossil specimens.

Language: French
(Introduction and very few comments in English)

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